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2024 Wedding Trends We Love

Event managers at venues see firsthand the many unique and interesting ways to say “I do!” From the rehearsal dinner to the ceremony and the reception, there are ways to personalize the day. Couples seek to make their day stand out, while remaining sacred and special. These are the wedding trends we see and love.

  1. Candid photos

  2. Experiential entertainment

  3. Parties after the party

  4. More specific dress codes or dress themes

  5. Bold florals

  6. Personal selections on the menu

  7. Cake slices to go

Candid photos

Couples are opting for more candid photos. While still choosing the photographer with the portraits of the bridal party, family and the couple, they seek a more candid, “catch the moment” vibe. Additionally, couples are opting for ways to get the crowd involved. One popular option is the disposable film camera left on tables to allow guests creative freedom in taking photos. Develop those cameras and enjoy the photos after the wedding!

Another option is to provide a link using a QR code for guests to upload photos from their phone. We love this option because guests are taking photos throughout the night. Providing a way for them to share those photos with the couple is a great way to view the party from the lens of the guests. Make sure the QR code is left around the reception space so that guests are sure to use it. There are websites that offer this service and are easy to set up. For a minimal fee, you can capture photos from guests easily. We love Guestpix.

Experiential entertainment

More receptions focus on the guest experience so experiential entertainment is another way to offer something fun for guests. We see weddings and birthdays with live painters. The artist sets up and completes a painting of the couple during the wedding or reception, but the entertainment continues with smaller options for guests at the reception. 

If you already know an artist, it's a great way to involve them in the ceremony. If you don’t, search for live wedding painters or live wedding artists to find the perfect one for you. 

Parties after the party

One trend that we have seen is the party after the party. Couples are opting for an additional celebration after their blowout reception. They depart the reception for a third destination to continue the celebration into the morning hours. This trend usually involves an outfit change as fashion is a big part of what we see this year for weddings. 

More specific dress codes or dress themes

It can be frustrating as a guest to receive an invitation with a slightly vague description of the dress code. More couples want a specific dress code or theme for their special day. Couples are choosing wedding themes or giving specific instructions to guests to assist in their selections for the event. 

  • No black suits

  • Wear all black (or other specific color)

  • Color theme providing options for two or three different colors

  • Western, garden, bohemian

Couples are providing more instruction than “semi-formal,” which makes it easier on guests to figure out what to wear, and we love that. Everyone at some time has been confused on what to wear to a wedding based on the vague dress code included. Guests love specifics. Give it to them.

Bold florals

Couples are going bold with more florals. Color selections are bright and beautiful. While we love an all white and greenery wedding for its classic beauty, we love the bold color trends. Our favorite floral designer, Flourish Flowers & Gifts, is creating beautiful, fresh designs with her arrangements. 

Personal selections on the menu

Guests are hungry at weddings. After the ceremony, they’re ready to eat. Couples are now incorporating favorite foods, family recipes, or “first date” menu items into their wedding fare. This also brings up another trend of weddings we see - surprises. These surprises are unannounced items served that wow the guests. Perhaps it’s your grandmother’s favorite cookie recipe served alongside the couple’s favorite coffee cocktail. These little surprises throughout the evening create the picture of lifelong memories weaved together connecting bride and groom. Additionally, we are seeing mocktails and other non-alcoholic options included as well. Whatever the couples decide to serve, we always encourage them to make sure it’s truly a crowd pleaser. It may taste delicious, but if it doesn’t look good, people won’t pick it up.

Cake slices to go

One trend that we hope is here to stay is the cake slices to go. Couples may continue the tradition of cutting the cake, but more couples are opting to offer cut cake slices in containers. By the time the cake is traditionally cut, many guests are out on the dance floor. Offering a slice of cake to go is one of our most favorite new traditions because who doesn’t love a post-party treat at home where you can rest your tired feet? That’s right - everyone does

Weddings and special events are always a treat. There are so many ways to make them unique, personal and fun - even on a budget. Creativity opens the door to some of the most spectacular options we have seen at weddings. What we love about the wedding trends this season is that couples are mixing tradition with new ideas. They’re not tossing out tradition completely, but they are weaving it in with fresh eyes and new ways. 

Check out Irene’s Bakery for her amazing Bento Cakes. You can apply this “to go” trend to any dessert, so don’t get stuck thinking it must be cake. The couple’s favorite brownie, cookie, cake pop, cobbler, cheesecake, or cakes makes a great treat to send home with guests.

If you’re planning a wedding, birthday, shower or other special event, Royal Affairs is a beautiful venue that can accommodate up to 350 guests. Our team of experts would love to work with you on your special event. Call us today to set up your private tour to see the ballroom and the rooftop venue.

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