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3 Reasons to Use Preferred Vendors

Royal Affairs Ballroom has been a special event venue serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade. Our staff has planned special events including weddings, receptions, banquets, luncheons, corporate functions, quinceañeras, showers, and other special occasions. This experience gives us a unique view of the vendors we work with at every event. As a result, we work with a list of trusted, preferred vendors that we strongly recommend to our clients. This is a practice common among many event venues. Our preferred vendors list has been carefully selected over the years to include businesses with a proven record of excellence in their industry. Let’s look at three reasons you should use the preferred vendors at a venue.

  1. Demonstrated ability to exceed expectations.

  2. Reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness.

  1. Years of experience in their industry.

Demonstrated ability to exceed expectations. 

When you see our list of preferred vendors, we encourage you to check out their websites. We encourage you to visit their storefronts. You will meet the incredible people behind the brands and businesses we are privileged to work with. 

For example, if you check out Irene from Irene’s Bakery, you will meet the kindest and most talented cake baker and decorator. With a passion for creating beautiful cakes that are as delicious as they are pretty, Irene is an expert in her field, and her ability to exceed client expectations is unmatched. Her passion for her family shows when you meet her. Our clients frequently use Irene because her cakes are the best, and her creativity is limitless.

Cynthia Dearnbarger of Flourish Flowers and Gifts is another talented business owner on our preferred vendor list. Flourish was born out of a dream that Cynthia had in her heart for many years before it became a reality. Today her floral business, located in Old Town Lewisville, is 7 years old and thriving. Cynthia and her team work with brides and grooms to bring floral visions to life. Our clients are thrilled with the flowers created by Cynthia and her team at Flourish. 

Reliability, dependability, and trustworthiness.

Another vendor we enjoy working with is Blackall Photography. Kelly Blackall is the talented photographer behind many of the weddings at Royal Affairs, as well as many other photos on our website. She is an excellent photographer with a passion for her craft. She is reliable, dependable, and a trusted business owner in Old Town Lewisville. Her portfolio of work in our quaint spot of Old Town Lewisville extends well beyond Royal Affairs Ballroom to many of the other businesses located here. She is a trusted photographer for business owners.

Food is an important part of the wedding reception experience. Prairie House Lewisville is our trusted, preferred caterer. Prairie House found a home in Old Town Lewisville in 2018 and has been serving delicious home cooking ever since. With a variety of delectable food sure to please a crowd, we strongly recommend Prairie House to our brides and grooms for the best food and service experience possible. Enjoy a meal at Prairie House Lewisville so you know what your guests have to look forward to at your reception. 

Years of experience in their industry.

Many clients look for vendors with years of work or business experience. Our clients want to know that the business they choose has a proven record before they make a purchase. Odin Clack of Odin Leather Goods has been honing his craft since 2012 in a corner of his home. Twelve years later, Odin Leather Goods now has two retail locations to reach customers with the finest, handmade, leather goods available. Our clients love to offer their wedding party beautiful, handcrafted items from Odin. Whether you need a beautiful bag or a great belt to gift your wedding party, Odin’s can create the perfect gift for your needs. 

Another business we love to work with is Bridal Boutique of Lewisville. Owner Caroline had a love for weddings that prompted her to open Bridal Boutique in 1990. As her business has grown, she moved to a larger space in Old Town Lewisville where brides can shop for the most beautiful wedding gowns handpicked worldwide. Brides will find dresses that no other stores in Texas carry to wear on their special day. Bridal Boutique is a family-owned and operated business with daughters Carrie and Amy continuing in the business. 

Also on our preferred vendor list is The Lounge. This event venue is a space that accommodates up to 75 guests in a posh, luxe space also located in Old Town Lewisville. Our friends at The Lounge are excellent at providing clients with 5-star service as they host a variety of special occasions at this venue. 

The Lounge also operates with a preferred vendor list they have taken the time and care to screen to meet the high expectations of clients. 

When searching for the perfect venue for your wedding, reception, or other large-scale event, you can trust that Royal Affairs Ballroom has gone to great lengths over the years to craft a list of vendors who provide excellent service and products to our clients. When you decide that Royal Affairs is the best venue for your wedding, reception, or other special event, we encourage you to meet the preferred vendors on our list to see why we trust them. Not only will you be fully confident in their ability to exceed your expectations, but they are all exceptional humans with great work ethics and kindness toward others. It’s always a good day when you get to meet good people. 

We are grateful for the amazing clients we have worked with in our years of business. We are also appreciative to have excellent vendors whom we trust and enjoy working with. Schedule a private tour of Royal Affairs for yourself. Call us today at 972-221-6565. You’ll be glad you did.

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