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4 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

We’ve worked many weddings and receptions over the years at Royal Affairs Ballroom. We’ve seen a lot of beautiful, well-organized events. The main similarity in the best weddings is the presence of a focused and detail-minded wedding planner.

The tasks on wedding day fall to someone. Usually that someone is the bride or the bride’s mother. Very often we see both mother of bride and mother of groom pitching in to get things done on the wedding day, and we love to see that. However, we also notice a level of stress for the wedding participants who have to complete all the details without the help of a wedding planner or coordinator.

It’s not that the bride, groom, and both mothers can’t get everything done. They can and they do! It’s that the stress level for all parties is higher when a wedding planner is not part of the wedding execution team. At Royal Affairs, we work very hard to eliminate stress for our brides and grooms so they can be fully present and enjoy all of the moments of their wedding day.

Our goal for brides and grooms is to spend the day of the wedding and reception with their wedding party getting ready and then taking photographs. Having to visit the reception location to set up decorations and other wedding-specific items can and should fall to someone else. As a result, we strongly encourage our brides and grooms to invest in a wedding planner to coordinate the events of the day so that you can simply enjoy the day and take care of yourself. Here are the 4 most important reasons to hire a wedding planner for your wedding day.

1. They will understand and carry out your wedding vision from start to finish.

2. They will assist with budget, schedules and contracts.

3. They will handle all of the responsibilities of the day of the wedding.

4. They eliminate stress.

They will understand and carry out your wedding vision from start to finish.

When working with a wedding planner, it’s important to make sure your ideas and visions are clear from the start. Your wedding planning is unique. An experienced wedding planner will create a strategy to execute your wedding to match your desires, dreams and budget. Wedding planners have a big picture perspective because they see the wedding from start to finish. They will make suggestions for selections based on your vision that you share with them.

They will assist with budget, schedules and contracts.

Experienced wedding planners have extensive contacts and are knowledgeable about the best vendors that are specific to your needs. They will work within your budget and timeline to ensure that everything is ready for your wedding day. They can assist in the contract negotiating process eliminating the stress from that on your behalf.

They will handle all of the responsibilities of the day of the wedding.

This is perhaps the single biggest benefit to hiring a wedding planner. We often see brides and grooms rushing around on their wedding day to decorate the reception tables, place the thank you gifts and feed all of the wedding party while getting ready. A wedding planner will coordinate and handle all of these items (and more) on the day of the event so that you can relax and enjoy the day in the bridal suite with your wedding party. The wedding planner will handle literally every detail of the wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy your big day.

They eliminate stress.

Stress throughout the wedding planning process can take a toll on the bride, groom, and the parents involved. Whatever situations arise during the planning process, the wedding planner can act as a mediator. Are there disagreements among extended family? The wedding planner can assist in diffusing the situation and reaching an agreement among all parties involved. Seating preferences that are difficult to navigate? The wedding planner can reach a solution that is neutral and beneficial to everyone. If a vendor is not meeting the agreements of their contract, the wedding planner will work toward a solution so that you don’t have to deal with the stress.

The Royal Affairs Ballroom provides complete set up and breakdown of everything we provide on site whether you use the ballroom or the rooftop. We also provide an on site facility manager to assist throughout the day of the event. While we provide staff to address set up, breakdown and facility management, it is always best to have a wedding planner overseeing every detail of your wedding from start to finish to provide the most stress-free day for bride and groom. We work with preferred vendors and can offer recommendations on wedding planners, florists, and more.

Royal Affairs Ballroom is a unique space located in Old Town Lewisville offering both a ballroom and rooftop wedding experience. We would love to meet with you in person to discuss your wedding and reception vision. We think you’ll love our venue! You can request an appointment with us here.

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