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4 Tips to Plan Spectacular Events & Avoid Panic

We focus a lot on wedding season, because we host a lot of weddings. The fact remains that as wedding season winds down, our venue begins to fill up with holiday parties, business lunches, fundraiser events and banquets. Our staff at Royal Affairs plans events daily, and as a result, we don’t experience much panic when it comes to execution. We adopted strategies early on to plan spectacular events and avoid the panic and stress that can often accompany them.

From the time of booking with a client, there are steps we take to ensure that no detail is overlooked and all expectations are exceeded without needless stress and worry. Here’s what we do.

1. Create an event plan with the client.

2. Create a timeline in reverse.

3. Create a checklist with dates.

4. Confirm with vendors.

Create an event plan with the client.

At the completion of the timeline, we can now share with clients to ease their mind about our planning and preparation from the venue. We work with the client or their event planner at this point to create an event plan that encompasses every detail of the event where our participation or fulfillment of a task is required. This level of planning is necessary so that expectations are clear about the roles of the venue staff, and so that clients can plan as well. Our event plan varies by the type of event, but overall our event plan is comprehensive and robust.

The event plan includes goals for the event, the event budget, a list of vendors and their service, any marketing efforts required by our venue, and a schedule for the day of event.

Create a timeline in reverse.

From the time of booking, we create a timeline in reverse. Start at the event date and work backward to determine each item to complete in the planning process. Working backward provides a better idea of how much time is required to complete each step. A timeline is necessary in order to keep you on track with items that are imperative to the success of your event. A timeline gives a view of every task associated with each event and will help you not leave important items out. The timeline also enables you to include other vendors and their timelines also. For example, RSVPs will be required at a certain date in order for catering to order the correct amount of food. This is usually 7-10 days backward from the date of the event.

As we work in reverse on the timeline, we schedule from the date of the event backward to the date we contract for the event. Every single day may have a task to do, or it may not. It truly varies by event. This type of detailed planning makes it easier to keep track of each special event and every detail.

Create a checklist with dates.

The event plan and timeline incorporates dates and steps for items to be completed. Each step includes buffer time in order to accommodate any unexpected challenges that can arise (and sometimes do). For example, if another contracted vendor cancels, built in buffer time to find a great replacement is essential. As each task is executed, confidence will increase that everything is happening in the timeframe necessary to have a successful special event. This confidence produces peace and not stress. We cannot emphasize the need for a solid event plan and timeline enough. It makes a significant difference in the level of stress surrounding an event.

From the timeline and event plan, we create a step-by-step list to complete and mark items off according to the timeline. This allows us to see any areas of concern that arise and focus on those items as they come. We love the free wedding checklists available here at You can customize the planners to fit your specific needs and the event you’re hosting.

Confirm with vendors.

Another step in our process is to routinely confirm with vendors that work directly with our venue. We have shared before that we use a select list of vendors because we know the quality of their work and purposefully select them over others. Confirmation with vendors is essential and helps keep your timeline and schedule on track.

Our process at Royal Affairs comes from years of event planning including weddings, birthdays, quinceañeras, luncheons, fundraisers and corporate events. Our years of experience have produced a lot of information along the way to use to create flawless and stress-free events for our clients. Working with us is simple. You can call us today at 972-221-6565 or you can click here to send us a contact email. Our expert staff will get back to you quickly and set up a visit to our venue.

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