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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning a Wedding

Planning a special event like a wedding, quinceañera or banquet is a big task. With certain special events, the day has been a dream in your heart for decades. Our experience working with many brides, grooms, parents and people is unique. We see a lot of families and co-workers work together to create a beautiful event that is special and really fun. From time to time, stress creeps in and we see mistakes that we encourage our clients to avoid. Here are our top 5 mistakes to avoid when planni

ng a special event or celebration.

1. Set & stick to a budget.

2. Hire professionals.

3. Consider the guest experience.

4. Compromise.

5. Choose dates carefully.

Set & stick to a budget.

From the beginning, a budget is absolutely necessary to keep spending in check. There are rare occasions when there are no financial limits, but a budget is helpful even in that situation. Start with a budget that allows all parties involved to feel positive about what is being spent.

Once the budget is set, make a detailed list of the most important items to include in your special event. If flowers are important to you, put them on the list. If great party favors are important, put them on the list. Whatever the most important items are, they need to be included at the top of the list so that they can be tailored to your specific budget.

Hire professionals.

While there may be many friends or acquaintances who can provide a service for your special event, in our experience, hiring a professional is the best way to go. Even for a small event, a professional with experience will provide

the best service because their business reputation is on the line. Hiring professionals will be part of your budget, so keep this in mind as you plan. We strongly encourage a great photographer, a wedding or special event planner, and a great DJ to ensure the experience is positive for everyone.

Consider the guest experience.

An event like a birthday party or wedding is to celebrate the birthday person or the bride and groom. It’s important to keep in mind that attending any celebration you are invited to is generally an expensive experience. From the gift to a new outfit, guests often spend a lot of time and money on attending your special event. The experience for guests should be at the front of your mind when planning so that all have a truly memorable experience. Since it is your wedding or special event, you will likely have a wonderful time because all of your favorite people are attending and sharing the joy with you. Make it special for them as well since they chose to be part of your special event.


All parties involved in planning should be prepared to compromise. We have yet to see an event where compromise isn’t involved. Your special event will still be beautiful, spectacular, special, and everything you dreamed of even with a sprinkle of compromise included. In fact, the outcome will be even better if you can com

promise with a smile on your face.

Choose dates carefully.

Always keep bigger events or seasons in mind when planning a special event. Friday nights in Texas are generally filled with hometown football. Planning your special event in the middle of a crosstown rivalry will limit the guests who attend, and someone is likely to be watching the game on their phone. Additionally, i

f it’s October (a great time for weddings), keep in mind that it’s World Series season for baseball. Whatever the season you choose to have your special event, be aware of the bigger events that may take place outside of yours and plan accordingly. We want you to have the best event with your most favorite people in attendance. Considering the date carefully is helpful for everyone.

At Royal Affairs Ballroom, we work with our clients to achieve their satisfaction in executing special events. Our years of experience have taught us many lessons in mistakes that can be avoided and best practices to consider. We would love to work with you on your special event to make it beautiful, exquisite and everything you have ever dreamed it to be. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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