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5 Wedding Trends to Love

Updated: 4 days ago

Weddings are a time when creativity shines. It’s a special occasion that’s been dreamed about for years. Some traditions are kept because loved ones do the same things at their weddings. This is a special nod to the past while looking forward to a new and exciting future. There are also new trends to incorporate to create new, lasting memories. 

Here are 5 super fun wedding trends we have seen in 2024.

  1. To-go cake slices and desserts

  2. Menus with treasured recipes

  3. Audio guestbooks

  4. Permanent wedding favors

  5. Color specific guest dress code

To-go cake slices and desserts

Growing up and attending weddings, it was common to hope that your parents didn’t want to leave before the cake was cut and served. Who wants to miss the cake? Traditional cake cuttings are a grand tradition, but brides and grooms are starting to opt out of holding the cake hostage until later in the party. The cake-cutting tradition often interrupts the dance party and dampens the party vibe. While brides and grooms are still cutting the cake, they may do it early in the evening to not disturb the party. Cake slices and other dessert options are now being offered pre-packaged and ready for guests to take with them when they leave. This is a great option in place of a party favor that might otherwise get left behind. No one is going to leave the cake behind. Irene’s Bakery does custom orders and has personal-sized Bento cakes, cake in a jar, cake balls, or cupcakes. Whatever you decide, guests will not be disappointed in taking home something delicious. 

Menus with treasured recipes

Incorporating trust family recipes is something we’ve seen in the last couple of years. Wedding reception menus featuring treasured family recipes are a way to include loved ones. From a favorite mashed potato recipe to a garlic-butter chicken dish, finding ways to include family favorite recipes in the reception menu is a special way to include people in the wedding.

Audio guestbooks

Audio guestbooks are a great way to collect voice messages from guests at your wedding. We love the vintage phones from After the Tone. There are 11 color options to choose from. Once a color selection is made, the phones are shipped for the wedding reservation. Once the wedding festivities are over, simply ship the phone back and your messages will be delivered to you either digitally or on a vinyl record. How cool is that?

Permanent wedding favors

Some brides and grooms are offering a little more permanent party favor. One popular option is to have a jewelry artist create permanent bracelets for wedding guests during the reception. Love Weld brings the party to you for a permanent party favor. 

Color specific guest dress code

Knowing what to wear to a wedding can be challenging. Most guests end up googling the dress code to be sure they won’t be too dressy or too casual. Brides and grooms are simplifying things with dress codes like “No black suits,” “No black dresses,” “Wear green,” or “Wear red.” Color choices are requested based on the color palette for the wedding. More specific dress instructions are helpful and make for great reception images after the event. 

We see a lot of fun wedding trends at Royal Affairs. Whether you prefer a more traditional party or opt for something more unique, our team is ready to help execute the happiest day of your life. Call us today for a private tour of our event venue including the ballroom and the rooftop. We would love to meet you!

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