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Beautiful, Budget-friendly Centerpieces

When planning a wedding, there are many different spaces to decorate to create the atmosphere desired in the venue. Working with a knowledgeable and talented wedding planner is advised to ensure your budget is used well.

The floral designer will also make recommendations to assist with planning the decorations throughout the wedding and reception. It is helpful to rely on the professional advice of those hired to make the details perfect. Here are some expert tips on decorating reception tables creatively to fit the budget and make a statement using the 5 most common centerpiece items.


The 5 most common centerpieces at wedding receptions include:

  • real flowers

  • fake flowers

  • greenery

  • candles

  • linens


Real & fake flowers

Real flowers are the most desired option for centerpieces, but they are also the most expensive. When considering the budget, deciding what’s most important to the bride and groom to spend money on will be necessary to allocate enough budget for flowers. 

Fake flowers are also a good option if real flowers don’t fit the budget; however, fake flowers add up quickly also.



Let’s invite greenery to the chat because greenery is less expensive and can have a dramatic effect on the table. Depending on where the bride and groom live, greenery might even be found outdoors on family property or at the home of a generous, next-door neighbor. It’s important to consider that greenery garlands may be more expensive than florals because they are labor-intensive to put together. Loose greenery collected on the table or used in a specific way is the more, cost-effective option for using greenery.



A romantic, dreamy setting can be created using candles. Depending on the venue, real candles may not be allowed. Thankfully, battery-powered candles allow for the same romantic feel without the fire hazard. Varying sizes and heights are available. Battery-powered candles can add up quickly; however, buying in bulk may be an option to keep costs manageable.



Using linens as a colorful or textural accent can dramatically change the look of the table. Royal Affairs offers a wide selection of linens and overlays to complete your look with a beautiful touch at no extra charge. Ask the venue if linens are available and if there is an extra charge for use.


It’s important to keep in mind that centerpieces should complete the desired theme or look. The centerpieces should not distract from the theme or inhibit conversation. Centerpieces should be under 12 inches or above 24 inches to allow for easy conversation and seeing around the room. Venues often have access to containers and vessels for flowers including taller options, so be sure to ask if this is something available on request at the venue. Use the shorter centerpieces at the tables in the front of the room closest to the center of activity. The taller centerpieces should remain at the back of the room to not obstruct the view.


At Royal Affairs, we have a wide selection of linens and overlays available for our clients to use. Additionally, we may have access to other items for use as centerpieces depending on the desired theme. We would love to work with you on your next big event whether it's a wedding, birthday party, or corporate meeting. Our package pricing makes it easy to stay on budget and still have everything needed to make the event perfect. Call us today for a private tour at 972-221-6565.




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