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Expert Tips for the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Many couples consider an outdoor wedding. Think of all the dreamy outdoor weddings in movies, fairy tales, and stories. It’s no wonder that 68% of weddings in 2020 took place outdoors. (Statista) The previous year 57% of weddings took place outdoors, so this statistic is not entirely pandemic-related. More than half of weddings in 2019 were outdoor weddings. Outdoor weddings are popular. 

It is one thing to dream about an outdoor wedding and another thing to pull it off, especially in Texas. Just last week we have had roller coaster weather where it’s 35 degrees one day and 75 degrees the next. Texas offers many days of beautiful weather year-round. An outdoor wedding is tempting as a result.

Planning the perfect outdoor wedding is possible. We have gathered our best tips from years of outdoor weddings to share with you. 

  1. Plan for the unexpected. 

  2. Communicate to guests early that the wedding and/or reception is outdoors.

  3. Have a backup plan.

  4. Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating.

  5. Consider the elements and the possible pests.

Plan for the unexpected.

Once you’ve decided that an outdoor wedding or reception is what you want, plan beyond what you think will happen. Plan for the unexpected. If you expect sunshine and beautiful weather, plan for rain and have options in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Communicate with guests early that the wedding and/or reception is outdoors.

Communication with guests early in the planning process enables them to plan for what they will need to be comfortable at your wedding. The right clothing, shoes, and other essentials will take time to prepare. Communication allows them to plan ahead and not wait until the last minute when they realize the wedding is outdoors.

Have more than one backup plan.

If the venue is entirely outdoors, the backup plan should include a fully enclosed tent with flooring to permit the wedding to take place in a shelter. If the venue offers both an indoor and outdoor option, your backup plan may be to move the event inside in the event the weather changes.

Part of your backup plan should include appropriate tent rentals for the number of guests and space needed. Waiting to rent a tent may mean that none are available in the weeks leading up to your wedding. It’s important to check the rental agreements for tents and other necessities. In the end, it is money well spent if it means that the wedding proceeds as planned and you’re not scrambling on the day of your wedding.

Make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating.

Consider all of the guests and their ages that will attend the wedding or the reception. Make sure there is plenty of seating for everyone. Especially with an outdoor wedding when it might get a little warm, seating is necessary. Do not skimp on seating. It’s not worth it, and with elderly guests, it could end up with them leaving early or getting too tired. 

Consider the possible pests.

Depending on the location selected for your wedding, consider the pests that might be uninvited guests. Offering repellant wipes or spray on each table, chair, or at the entrance is a nice touch for guests. Be prepared for any possibility.

While there are many other considerations for outdoor weddings, these are often the most overlooked. Many couples avoid a backup plan because their hearts are set on an outdoor celebration. Many couples also avoid tents and other rentals due to the added expense to the wedding budget, but then they panic when the weather shifts against their favor a few days before. Some guests are caught off-guard when they show up to find the wedding or reception is outdoors and they expect something different. 

The Royal Affairs Rooftop has been the backdrop for countless festive celebrations. It’s the perfect space for an intimate gathering of your favorite people. Because of our unique venue, we can accommodate both your desire for an outdoor wedding and the necessary backup plan to move indoors. What we have learned in our decades of weddings is that having a backup plan is necessary. We work with brides and grooms to plan the perfect outdoor celebration while also addressing the need for an alternative. 

Whether you are planning an outdoor wedding, reception, birthday party, or shower, the beautiful Royal Affair Rooftop is a unique backdrop to your special memories. Call us today to schedule your private tour where we can discuss the options available to ensure that your event is uninterrupted by the weather or outdoor elements. We would love to work with you!

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