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Plan a Foolproof Outdoor Wedding

An outdoor wedding is both idyllic and romantic. Who wouldn’t want to get married in a dreamy garden with a beautiful backdrop of flowers or a spectacular rooftop with views of the city in the distance? Whatever your dream for your special day, the one thing to consider is the comfort of the guests. If the guests are comfortable, the bride and groom will be comfortable also. In order to keep comfort a priority for everyone, we have 6 items you must consider to plan a foolproof outdoor wedding.

Consider the location.

Depending on the venue you select, there will be specific circumstances to keep in mind. Beach weddings, outdoor venues in the city, a backyard wedding or even a picturesque winery are great options for a spectacular outdoor event. Specific things related to each location are important to keep in mind.

Beach weddings: Beach weddings provide a beautiful backdrop to get married. Be aware that most venues will charge for all items brought to the beach for use. Avoid hurricane season. Be sure to address the attire for the wedding specifically.

Outdoor venues in city: Buildings with great rooftop venues and picturesque city parks like Old Town Lewisville make great places to hold your wedding. Locations like these provide easier access for guests and are a great option to consider.

Backyard: Keep in mind that whatever exists in the backyard will become the backdrop for your wedding. There’s a lot that can be done with decorations and lighting, but ultimately there are things in the backyard that can’t be removed.

Winery: There are many micro-wineries across the United States that make a great place to get married. If your outdoor ceremony requires travel, plan well in advance and offer several hotel options for guests.

Set the budget.

We can’t stress enough to set a budget for your wedding or other special event. An outdoor ceremony is no exception. A budget provides a framework to work from in order to determine where you will spend your money. Budgets help to make priorities very clear. It is important to include a plan B, which we will talk about later, as part of your budget. This plan B option may never be used, so it can be frustrating to allocate funds for it. But without plan B, you and your guests may spend an evening in the rain or worse. This article from provides a great breakdown on a wedding budget. (Brides)

Highlight lighting.

When hosting a wedding outdoors, lighting is a great way to create a beautiful atmosphere for your event. As darkness falls, many things in the picture will naturally fall from view, so lighting illuminates the most important things you want to include. Lighting can be professionally done depending on the location of your wedding or it can be some simple backyard, hanging lights. The location will determine how extensive the lighting needs to be.

Consider the possibilities: wet, heat, cold, pests.

If rain or snow could fall, adding cute parasols or umbrellas to your wedding budget as guest favors may be an excellent budget allocation. If it’s a hot wedding, definitely include personalized fans for guests to keep cool. If it’s cold, a basket of shawls and hand warmers is a unique personal touch to keep guests comfortable for hours. Utilizing florals that naturally repel insects and mosquitos will be a cost-effective and beautiful way to address pests naturally. We have also seen guests offer essential oil bug spray on the tables as a guest treat.

Consider seating.

If your wedding is outdoors, it’s imperative to have adequate seating for guests. Expecting them to stand for longer than 10 minutes should not be a consideration. With proper RSVPs, you will know exactly how many chairs are required and can have the correct number available. It’s always important to have a few extra seats just in case. We have to say, seating is a must.

Plan B.

Definitely consider a plan B. Plan B may be a rental of a tent space that accommodates guests. Perhaps the wedding takes place in a beautiful park, but the tent is used for dinner and dancing after the ceremony. In the event of rain, the tent can become the beautiful backdrop for your wedding and quickly transform for the reception to follow. Flexibility is key and will be necessary in order to consider an outdoor event.

At Royal Affairs, we have both the rooftop space with beautiful city views and we have the indoor ballroom. When our brides and grooms book the rooftop for a wedding, we work with them to create alternate plans in the event of inclement weather. It’s an easy way to plan an outdoor wedding and have a solid plan B.

We love working with brides and grooms to create the perfect, most magical wedding and reception. We would love to work with you also! Call us today to schedule a private tour of our unique facility or fill out a request here.

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