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Winter Weddings – What Makes Them Special

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

It’s another hot one today. The high should be around 104 degrees, but today there’s a glimmer of hope. There’s not an “extreme heat” warning for today since it will only reach 104. Whew. Dodged a bullet right there.

All kidding aside, the one thing this heat has done for Royal Affairs Ballroom is generate talk of beautiful, serene, winter weddings. We are busy booking winter weddings, so let’s talk about what makes winter weddings so special.

· Less money

· Less competition for dates

· Outdoor options become more tolerable

· Lower travel prices

· Unique options for décor, attire and more!

Less money

As you begin to consider the time of year for your wedding, the number one factor in making decisions is money. There is a peak season for weddings, which usually runs April-October. These months will be most expensive in booking a wedding.

According to The Knot, “October accounted for 20% of all weddings in 2022, marking the peak of wedding season.” September was second, June took third place and July/August (yikes) took fourth.

The least popular months for weddings are December-February. As a result, most venues offer off-peak pricing or other special deals for booking during those months. Most couples planning their weddings look for ways to save money on every budget item, and this is a good way to do it. An article from shows that “venue, catering and rentals account for 45% of the budget,” so savings in this category is significant for budget.

Less competition for dates

In a recent conversation with a couple planning a wedding, the possible date was shared, and instantly 3 people in the conversation had conflicts with the date. The month for the wedding is September, so peak season is an issue for scheduling conflicts. The benefit to winter weddings is that December through February there is less competition for guests. Even with holiday season in December, most people do not have a holiday engagement every single weekend. Additionally, moving beyond December 25, the calendar opens up considerably.

Regardless of the conflicts, bride and groom should select a date and proceed with planning. There will always be conflicts. People who find it important to attend will do so, and those who do not, will not. The goal is for bride and groom to be married.

Outdoor options become more tolerable

In Texas, the weather can be puzzling at times. It’s often joked that there’s one day in each season where an outdoor wedding works without stress, and you only know when that day is after it happens. One fact is certain: an outdoor wedding in peak season unless it takes place after 7:30 p.m. simply will be an uncomfortable event for all parties. At best everyone will be sweating, and at worst, a guest may suffer heat exhaustion.

Winter weddings offer a rare opportunity for an outdoor fête. Planned carefully, an outdoor wedding is entirely possible December through February and even later into the spring. Another benefit to the winter wedding is that it allows creativity with attire in order to address the possible chill in the air. The Royal Affairs Rooftop becomes a breathtaking backdrop for photos and twinkle lights at a winter, outdoor wedding.

Lower travel prices

For guests traveling from out of town, winter weddings are more budget friendly for hotel accommodations. Additionally, planning a honeymoon in the winter is also beneficial to the budget. Off-season travel prices prompt many honeymooners to travel in winter.

Unique options for décor, attire and more!

Because it is holiday season, many venues are already decorated. Those decorations can be incorporated into a wedding without any additional bump to the budget. This savings can be significant. Additionally, when working a florist, be sure to include seasonal greenery and flowers in order to stay on budget for flowers also.

Attire can be fun at a winter wedding where stoles, scarves and even matching leather jackets can be planned to accommodate a chill in the air. Even guests will enjoy the opportunity to plan a fun outfit for a wedding in the winter months, and we all know that guests enjoy getting dressed up for weddings!

Winter weddings are beautiful and exciting! We love planning winter weddings, and we would love to work with you to plan yours. Our creative staff can execute a beautiful wedding and reception indoors or outdoors at Royal Affairs Ballroom. Call us today at 972-221-6565 to reserve your special date or request information easily here.

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