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Wonderful Winter Wedding Ideas

The Wonder of Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are an exciting opportunity to embrace the season, the cooler temperatures, and even the elements to create the perfect, dreamy backdrop for your wedding. One of the benefits of living in Texas is that winters are often more mild and may provide the perfect temperatures for your wedding day. Hosting your wedding at a venue where you have an outdoor/indoor option is another way to ensure that your guests are perfectly comfortable no matter what the day brings.

As you plan, take time to embrace the season and use it to make your most special day both beautiful and fabulous. Consider the cocktails, the menu, the parting gifts and even the décor to truly embrace and enjoy the beauty of winter.


Offering signature cocktails at your wedding is a festive way to incorporate the season into your special celebration. It’s also a smart way to allocate your alcohol budget. We suggest offering 2-3 signature cocktails with one of them being a hot beverage. Offer a slightly sweet, medium sweet, and hot beverage to give your guests plenty of options for alcoholic libations. Many cocktails have a non-alcoholic counterpart as well for guests who choose to not imbibe.

The perfect, slightly sweet, “Winter Citrus Tequila Smash” from Halfbaked Harvest sounds delicious and refreshing.

We love a sweeter drink like a white Russian to add to your cocktail menu. The “Peppermint White Russian” created by Inspired by Charm can even double as dessert.

The perfect hot drink to complete your cocktail menu is the classic “Hot Buttered Rum.” This recipe from Spicy Southern Kitchen is sure to delight your guests.

Make sure to offer a cute drink menu at both the bar and the tables. Guests may need a minute to decide which delicious drink to select before heading to place their order. If the drinks above don’t light your fire, this list from PopSugar is a great place for cocktail inspiration.

An additional consideration for all guests is a hot chocolate bar or hot chocolate truck to serve loaded or unloaded hot chocolate to all guests. This is an especially fun addition if you have an outdoor venue like the Rooftop.


Depending on how formal your wedding is, the menu is another fun place to incorporate the seasons. From Thanksgiving to the end of the year, a traditional Thanksgiving-style dinner with the bride and groom’s favorite selections is a fun way to feed your guests. Think outside of the traditional box and let the menu reflect the delicious recipes that the bride and groom grew up enjoying and loving.

Wedding menus can become an adventure in themselves. Adding one or new, fun, trendy items can be a great way to feed your guests something delicious. We think this is a great idea, but we also encourage brides and grooms to not go overboard on food that isn’t familiar. It’s best to offer a mostly recognizable menu of favorites in order to avoid having lots of leftovers that may go to waste.

Make a list of your favorite foods for the bride and groom. Incorporate those into your menu. We love this list of familiar favorites from “The Aisle Guide” to add to your wedding menu.

Parting Gifts

Wedding favors or parting gifts are not required. They are a nice, unexpected way to say thank you for guests sharing in your special day. If parts of your wedding will take place outdoors, consider a shawl or scarf for ladies, hand warmers, or can cooler for men. Etsy is full of party favor ideas and budget-friendly options to keep guests warm on a beautiful, winter evening on the Rooftop.


As you plan your special wedding in winter, there are so many ways to make it fun, beautiful, memorable, and enjoyable for the bride, groom, and guests. At Royal Affairs Ballroom, we would love to be part of your wedding plan. Our venue features both indoor and outdoor spaces to create a dreamy backdrop for your wedding day. Book your private tour today here.

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