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Why You Should Consider a Weekday Wedding

According to Statista, “19% of couples get engaged during December,” making it the single highest month annually for engagements. All of the other months fall between 6-9%. (Statista, 2019) While many couples approaching engagement are preparing for popping the question, we want to help you prepare for the showers, wedding and reception planning ahead of you.


We have covered hosting a winter wedding before, and the advantages thereof. Let’s look at another option for a fun, stress-free wedding: a weekday or weeknight wedding.


Couples getting engaged this month will immediately began the wedding planning process. Even if the process is spread over a year or more, the planning begins right away. Suppose you agree on several dates and even have a dream venue in your mind, but you call to find that your venue is booked every weekend in the months you’re considering. Does this mean you have to push your date out further than you hoped or even consider another venue? No, it doesn’t. Ask your venue for weekday options around your date of choice and enjoy the possibilities of your dream venue and preferred dates to wed.


Let’s discuss the pros and cons of a beautiful, weekday wedding.


Pros for a Weekday Wedding

·      Easy to book your dream venue

·      Easy to book your dream vendors

·      Save money by booking when venues and vendors would otherwise not be making money

·      Helps to slim down your guest list as some people won’t be able to attend

·      Turn you wedding into an extended weekend celebration by kicking off the weekend mid-week

·      More intimate wedding events with less stress

·      Travel is less expensive

·      More time to spend with guests and feel less rushed


Cons for a Weekday Wedding

·      Not all invited guests will be able to attend

·      The possibility of a shortened timeline make planning more difficult

·      More low-key event

·      Some vendors may not work on weekdays



One of the most important considerations in deciding to have a weekday/weeknight wedding is how important is saving money in your specific situation. If you are looking for ways to keep your costs low and your stay within a wedding budget, a weekday or weeknight wedding might the most important decision you will make. Most venues are not busy throughout the week. As a result, there may be significant savings available to brides and grooms wanting to book during the week. Additionally, there may be more time available for set up on the day of the event.


If you have specific vendors you prefer to use, be sure to check with them on their weekday and weeknight availability. You may also see cost savings with vendors since they’re normally busy on the weekends. An important point to keep in mind is to check with all vendors about availability on a weekday wedding. Typically a weekday wedding opens the possibility for many vendors to be available; there is a rare occasion when a vendor is not available. It’s important to double check and be clear that your date falls on a weekday.


Another cost savings will occur with a naturally smaller list of guests attending. Whether you host a destination wedding on a weekday or a weekday wedding locally, your guest list will naturally slim down because guests cannot attend. This is another way to simplify your wedding and your guest list without much stress over leaving people out of the event.


Perhaps the most important benefit to a smaller, more intimate wedding is that bride and groom will have more time to visit with guests. It can be difficult for bride and groom to truly engage with guests if the wedding takes place on a weekend. They simply don’t get to have the conversations with guests that they wish to have on the day they wed. A smaller, more intimate occasion on a weekday makes it possible to enjoy your guests fully.


There are some cons to hosting a wedding on a weekday as outlined above, but the cost-savings and other pros may outweigh the cons for you. Planning a wedding is a unique and special time where you and your future spouse plan together to create a special event to start your marriage. Whether you consider a weekday wedding or not, Royal Affairs Ballroom offers a beautiful space both inside and outside to accommodate your hopes and wishes for your special day. We would love to meet with you to discuss your plans and book your wedding day for the coming year. Contact us here to set up your private tour.

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